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Veinvest Ltd is an International Consultancy firm providing Management Consultancy in Private Equity, Strategy, Business Joint Venture, Partnership and Corporate Consultancy.

At Veinvest, we specialize in helping our clients restructure, reinforce, resolve, and direct performance and growth to achieve and exceed their company long term objectives.

Our Offerings

Portfolio Management

Business Consultancy

Corporate Consultancy

Corporate Consultancy

Partnership & Joint Ventures

Partnership & Joint Ventures

Inheritance Planning

Philanthropy Consultancy


It is inevitable that every organisation and every industry will be faced with challenges and problems as it sets about new goals and ventures into new territories. During the different periods of growth a company will very often require resources, be it finance, technology,  or skill sets that go beyond what they have envisioned. Our Veinvest team  comprising  of experts and professionals provide advice, guidance and actionable solutions to challenges that come along the way.   

Whether it is operations, finance, or management strategy, our consulting services can be structured to the requirements of clients. This could be to meet any of the following requirements.

  1. how to smoothly merge an acquisition into its parent company
  2. how to set up a company
  3. how to obtain funding to fuel growth and diversification
  4. how to get into a start-up business 
  5. how to devise a marketing plan that will improve sales 
  6. how to streamline management by improving company systems, production, finance or human resources.

We work on a variety of organizational concerns, but basic duties and responsibilities are the same as we deliver what we promise and integrity is essential to us.

Our Sectors & areas of Specialization:


  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • FMCG
  • Renewable Energy


  • Private Equity
  • Syndication
  • International Funding
  • Fund Launches
  • Export from / Import to GCC
  • Business Set Up in the GCC

We are able to leverage on our contacts in GCC & Asia and are thus able to finalize opportunities for our clients for Mergers, Acquisitions, International Funding, Syndication & Joint Ventures effectively and efficiently.   We have professionals with experience working on various asset classes & industries. We are sector agnostic which gives us the flexibility to implement specific technologies & strategies to solve the various business challenges in multiple sectors.

Management Consultancy

Finance and Project funding is the key to transforming ideas and innovative solutions into real life stories of success. It is found many a time that good products, valuable research & development, and inventions & innovations are not able to scale up operations due to the lack of funding or access to funds.

At Veinvest we identify growing companies and help them raise funds by connecting the founders with Financial institutions, Investment Banks, HNIs, Family Offices who have an appetite for diversifying their business interests. Veinvest has the strength of understanding innovation and invention coupled with the understanding of financials. With this passion we are able to help our clients, tap into funding opportunities globally. By identifying ascertaining the perfectly matched opportunities we help companies achieve their business goals.

Our experts can provide help in preparing the perfect professional pitch deck that will bring out the salient features of the project and draw the attention of investors. We are also able to create documents that meet the criteria of Corporate Banking professionals from International Banks. In addition, our finance professionals help to establish optimal funding and finance mix that is perfect to unbox the innovation.

Our track record of credibility and trust is our greatest strength. We can save your time and energy contacting investors, organising meetings, following up and maintaining momentum while you continue to concentrate on the business. 

At Veinvest our Funding Consultancy includes the following services 

  • Establishing the optimal funding route to investment
  • Refine and prepare the perfect professional pitch deck proposal 
  • Define the fund-raising strategy, forecasting and valuation 
  • Analysis and review of financials 
  • Review of marketing plan to ensure it will stand up to investor scrutiny
  • Approach investors, and investment banks, HNIs, Venture Capitalists, Family offices, Fund houses, & financial institutional investors in our network  for quick and maximum results

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