Business Consultancy

We work closely with business owners and managers to improve operations and efficiency of the business by helping them identify, address, and overcome obstacles that arise in meeting the company’s goals. If you are in need of a professional Management Consultancy firm who could work with you in getting the best options from the International Markets we will be there to help you.  Our model includes the stages of diagnosis, planning, implementation, and completion. The services can -

  • Identify obstacles that are preventing growth or efficiency
  • ‌Determine what changes need to be made and help implement changes needed to increase productivity, and capital efficiency.
  • Provide the necessary training and resources to staff and management
  • Bring out-of-the-box ideas to refresh a business
  • Assist in business planning, investment into technology, and infrastructure to drive growth.
  • Assess, hire, and train staff, if necessary
  • Evaluate financial analysis and financial performance
  • Forecasting, Budgeting and Valuation
  • Locate Executive Professionals and partners to help meet the goals
  • Creating final Investment deck for investors

‌‌Veinvest can help your business grow beyond frontiers by analysing the facts and studying what are the changes necessary, which could be implemented in short term & long term. We will help bring about the most effective alternative to your strategy & measure your growth in the business.

We also bring in comprehensive capabilities to help business meet their growth capital either through debt funding or private equity. The Relationship Manager assigned to the project will work closely with your Executive Members to analyse, strategize and optimize to drive long term growth by enabling and executing funding requirements with investors, funds and institutions to reach the best possible realization of business potential.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and International Funding are a very complex business transaction. The market is evolving constantly and rapidly. Investors, Funds and Family Offices have several investment avenues coming to them on a daily basis. Hence understanding investor pulse and appetite and having long time-tested trust-based relationships build with investing bodies is a key to fulfilling our client’s funding requirements.   We specialize in catering to and working with investing bodies globally and especially the Middle East and are hence able to effectively facilitate mergers and acquisitions in the shortest possible time frame.  Our Executive Members have over 25 years of experience providing insights to evaluate, facilitate and close cross border & domestic transactions. The key services include

  • Assisting lenders and strategic investors
  • Working closely with lenders i.e. institutions, family offices & banks
  • Assisting in commercial negotiations
  • Creating a financial model which will ascertain the requirements of funds, projections, and deliverables.
  • Working on Company valuation
  • Preparing the Business Plan, Investment Deck, Teaser & Financial Model.
  • Liaising with banks / financial institutions / legal firms in the completion of due diligence, evaluation, and documentation for the smooth completion of the transaction.

Our team works with multiple institutions, funding providers, legal firms & banks to liaise & complete the entire transaction