Corporate Consultancy

At Veinvest we offer comprehensive capabilities to help business meet their growth capital by arranging of debt funding or private equity. The Manager assigned to the project will work closely with your Executive Members to analyse, strategize and drive long term growth by enabling funding requirements with investors, funds or institutional funding houses enabling the company reach its best possible realization of business potential.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and International Funding are complex business transactions especially in the current market scenario which is evolving constantly and rapidly. Investors, Funds and Family Offices have numerous investment avenues open to them hence understanding investor pulse and investor appetite coupled with long time-tested trust-based relationships with investing bodies is a key to fulfilling our client’s funding requirements.   At Veinvest we specialize in catering to and working with investing bodies globally and specifically with the Middle East thereby facilitating mergers and acquisitions in the shortest possible time frame.

Our Executive Members have over 25 years of experience in providing knowledge and expertise to evaluate, facilitate and close cross border & domestic transactions effectively and efficiently. We work with partners stationed in USA, Europe, Middle East, & Asia. We cover specific markets like U.S, UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, Middle east & India.

We also undertake mandates for the buy side or the sell side as required to support business growth or diversification requirements of our clients.  We work with our valued network of investors and business houses with whom we have built up our relationship over the last 25 years.

As a first step, Veinvest will need to understand acquisition/sell/ merger criteria including their respective products, service offerings, capabilities, business size, financials and other aspects of the company through a briefing session with our team. The knowledge thus attained through various interactions & meetings would help in identifying potential target investors. Veinvest will participate actively in negotiation between the client and the potential investor until an agreement is reached and the deal is finalized.

Veinvest offers the following Corporate Consulting Services -

  • Company Valuation Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Fund Raising Services (Equity / Debt and Banking) working with lenders, institutions, banks and family houses
  • Forecasting and Scenario Planning
  • Business and Financial Modelling
  • Disposal
  • Acquisition
  • Due Diligence
  • Structuring of Corporate Financing
  • Assisting in commercial negotiations
  • Liaising with banks / financial institutions / legal firms in the completion of due diligence, evaluation, and documentation for the smooth completion of the transaction.

Veinvest does not offer financing, we arrange funding with our experience, expertise and by recommending the right lenders for any business through our associations with banks, funds, and other financial institutions which specialize in business and acquisition finance. We work closely with our clients, understand their needs, bring in lenders and ensure that the funds are offered to them at the best price that is both fair and cost effective.