Philanthropy Consulting

Philanthropy is investing in the good of public. It is not about just giving away money, it is about what the money can achieve for the good of the public. As per philanthropy outlook details given in 2020, 67% of total giving was derived from personal giving, followed by 18.3% from foundations, 9.7% from estates, & 4.9% from corporations.

Today typical ultra-high net worth (UHNW) philanthropist donates $25 Million over the course of their lifetime. According to a new study, more than 3 to 10% of their net worth is being allocated for Philanthropy.

There are big challenges facing society, and philanthropy has an important role in helping society face and overcome these challenges. How do you decide where and what to give?  How can you ensure that that gift was meaningful and played its role in making the world a better place?  Today more and more people are becoming aware of their social responsibilities and value philanthropy as a catalyst to bring about a change in lives of those less privileged.  Donors would like to know where their donations are being allocated and would like to see the results of their donations in society.   

Veinvest offers Philanthropy Consultancy in the fields of Education - supporting the less fortunate children, Healthcare and Poverty Alleviation Services in India and Africa.

Veinvest Philanthropy Consultancy Services include -

  • Understanding your donating aspirations and providing options that best meet your goals
  • Identifying and investigating projects and charities that will maximise the impact on the beneficiaries
  • Identifying projects that are sustainable, impoverished, far-reaching and life transforming
  • Conducting the due diligence, and analysis of past and present outcomes to ensure accountability and financial transparency.
  • Building strong co-operation between donors and beneficiaries
  • Providing feedback from recipients
  • Studying of opportunities for the donor to participate and help in the working of the charitable institution
  • Helping in the establishment of a charity

Our partners personally visit the sight & study the proposal before it is presented to the client. We also have process in place to monitor the best use of funds & do regular audit to ensure that every dollar is put to give maximum benefit to society.

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